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Donate automatically with a credit card on a monthly basis to Baptists on Mission Medical/Dental Ministry. Note: If you select $100 and a Qty. of 2 then you will be giving $200/month automatically on this day each month until you cancel your subscription. You may cancel anytime by logging into and click on My subscription.


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The Baptists on Mission Health Screening Ministry mobile unit is available to churches, collegiate healthcare programs, and service organizations throughout North Carolina. Target patient populations include the un-insured and underserved throughout the state.

The Medical/Dental Bus Ministry of Baptists on Mission began in 1989 to help meet physical and spiritual needs in North Carolina communities. Baptists On Mission offers the use of the Mobile Dental units to Baptist churches, other Christian denominations, and service organizations within North Carolina who wish to reach out to people in need. Our mission is to provide compassionate care to people without insurance, the impoverished, migratory farm workers, fair workers, the homeless, and more.