Florence Rebuild Donation of $1000


Donate $1000 to Baptists on Mission Florence Rebuild.

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Hurricane Florence is the most devastating natural disaster that North Carolina has ever experienced (approximately 100,000 homes affected). We currently have a total of 6 sites that have rebuild operations working out of them (at one time we had 14 different sites). So far, over 5800 recovery jobs have been completed. We are doing home rebuilds. You do not need to be trained to help! We are so thankful for those who have come to help us!

This disaster is so big that it will require a long term rebuild response to help get many people back in their homes. We are setting up four different large rebuild center sites where we can house and feed many volunteers who will be working on homes. We plan to manage the rebuilding of homes from these “rebuilding hubs”. This will be a long term response that will take 2-3 years and require thousands of volunteers to help get many people back in their homes. We thank you for your prayers and for giving. If you are interested in helping, click here.